Sunday, January 5, 2014

an organized nightstand

Once I get in bed, I will do anything to not get back up, so I keep my nightstand stocked with anything I could want once I'm snuggled up with my little Monster-man. 

I love my Bubba cup I got from Target. If I fill it with ice water before bed, it is still cold in the middle of the night/early morning. 

We always watch movies before bed, and it's usually one I have seen at least a hundred times so I keep my Kindle charged up and close by. Currently, I'm reading the Divergent series, it's good so far!!

Killian helped Bill make me the flower arrangement for our last anniversary, and I bought the lamp at a thrift store and painted the base and shade myself. The tray was as-is from Goodwill!!

I got these really cute boxes from The Dollar Spot at Target for my old desk, but they fit really nicely in my drawer. I keep my sleep mask, Eos, lotions, a couple notebooks, pens, and extra batteries in here. I also have my iPhone box in there for some reason? 

I never put lotion on in the bathroom, so I keep it all right here by my bed. I have 2 foot lotions, a few scented lotions depending on my mood, and Johnson's bedtime lotion that both Killian and I love :)

Challenge: Get your bedside area in order, and free of unnecessary clutter to ensure a peaceful bedtime routine!!


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