Saturday, November 15, 2014

dumpster diving-part one

This is totally me. If I had a champagne budget, I like to think that my home would be Martha Stewart-chic... but right now I'm closer to Martha Stewart-prison-chic!! Bahahahaha!!

I will do anything for a good deal, short of breaking the law, so when I saw my neighbors hauling this desk to the dumpster I JUMPED on it. I called someone to help me haul it in as I was walking outside to stake my claim.

I added some polka dot contact paper in the drawer, because they had seen better days. I though it was like a little smile every time I open them!! I think a pretty chair would be nice too, the one I'm using now is just one from the dining room table.

It does have some nicks, but I think it adds a little character, right? I've been thinking about painting it, but now that it's polar vortex season, that's not going to be happening til spring. Any suggestions?


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