Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Art Gallery

**Originally seen on my former blog, Organize ME!!

I am one of those mom's who wants to save everything... I have overcome that urge in some areas, like clothing, but "artwork" is another issue!!

My art "file" may look like a box full of scribbles on copy paper by a 1-3 year old, and that's exactly what they are :) Scribbles and memories of sitting at the table and seeing the proud look on Monster's face when he colors or paints me something beautiful!! 

I don't like the clutter of covering the fridge with new pictures every week, but love looking at my son's displays of creativity... I went to Pinterest for some inspiration!!

The frames are from Dollar Tree, with the glass replaced by scrapbook paper. I spray painted clips to match the frames, and hung them on the wall with Command Picture Hanging Strips, my most recent obsession!!

The "Happy Birthday" plaque was made by my amazingly crafty mom, Missy, and it was a Christmas gift. She pre-filled a tag with each family members birthday, and gave me plenty of extras.

TA-DA!! What do you think?

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